Traditional Tiramisu

Tiramisu trifle

Tiramisu trifle

Traditional Tiramisu

Hello All! It’s February! We have a lot of big things in the work, and we once again apologize for the lack of updates and recipes. But trust us, big things are coming. We have a lot in the works, and are working to make everything come together so we can share and grow Two Young Ladies.

But let’s get on to the good stuff.  Recipes! And today’s recipe is not only one of our favorites, it’s a real crowd pleaser. The recipe actually comes from our travels overseas two years ago to Europe. We started in Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome), then went to Barcelona, and ended up in London.

During our time in Rome, we went to the cutest little restaurant near the Catacombs. And while we were there with our tour group, we had the most amazing Tiramisu. And after a little sweet talking, we were able to get a general idea of what the recipe was, and now we’re able to share it with you.

While we chose to make our Tiramisu into a trifle, you’re more than welcome to make it in the traditional form. Either a 8×8 pan or 13×9 pan, it’s really up to you and how your want to layer it and how much you have. You can even do it in individual cups to be fancy!

Traditional Tiramisu

Traditional Tiramisu

Here’s a photo of us, in Roma, with our tour director, Andrea. We love him, and hope to go back to Italy to see him soon!




  • 2-223g containers of Mascarpone
  • 6 eggs (yolks and whites separated)
  • 2-3 packages of lady fingers
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 4 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa
  • brewed espresso (1 1/2 cup or 12 oz. water and 2 tablespoons of ground espresso)
  • 2 oz Kaluha

Step 1:

Leave Mascarpone out to come to room temperature, completely.

Tiramisu trifle

Step 2:

Then brew espresso and let it cool. When cool add a tablespoon of cocoa and 2 oz Kaluza. Mix and set aside.

Tiramisu trifle

Tiramisu trifle

Step 3:

Separate the eggs into different bowls. One of whites and one for yolks.

Tiramisu trifle

While separating eggs in the egg shell looks pretty (cause all the pros do that way) we recommend separating with your hands. SO. MUCH. EASIER.

Step 4:

In a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, put in your egg whites and whisk on a medium speed. When the whites start to stiffen, add a tablespoon of sugar, and continue to beat until stiff peaks. Do NOT OVER BEAT.

Tiramisu trifle

Tiramisu trifle

Another tip, a lot of recipes says it only takes “a minute or so” for the egg whites to whip up, we think it depends on the machine. Our stand mixer definitely takes at least five minutes to get to stiff peaks. Don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t happen right away.

Step 5:

While the whites are working, whisk the egg yolks until their air rated. Add the remaining 3 tablespoons of sugar to the yolks and whisk until it’s fluffy.

Step 6:

To the yolk mixture, add the mascarpone and incorporate it with the yolks and sugar. Let it be creamy. Add vanilla.

Tiramisu trifle

Tiramisu trifle

Step 7:

Fold egg whites into mascarpone/yolks mixture. Be gentle. It’s best to fold the whites into the mixture in thirds.

Tiramisu trifle


Tiramisu trifle

Step 8:

In a shallow baking dish, put the espresso/cocoa/kaluha mixture. Lightly dip the lady fingers in. Don’t get too wet otherwise it will disintegrate.

Tiramisu trifle

(We apologize for the blurry photos, we’re still figuring out not only our new camera, but the lighting in our cave like apartment)

Step 9:

Layer lady fingers, fluffy creamy mixture and repeat.

Tiramisu trifle

Tiramisu trifle

Step 10:

Dust unsweetened cocoa over the top. Serve and enjoy!*

Tiramisu trifle

Tiramisu trifle

Traditional Tiramisu

Traditional Tiramisu

*For this particular recipe, we choose to make a simple whipped cream, and make that the last layer/topping. You’re more than welcome to do that, or leave it and serve it the traditional way.

#TwoYoungLadiesTravel to Helena

We made it to beautiful Helena, Montana! We’ve decided for our drive home that we will make sure we don’t drive more than seven or so hours. After our Spokane to Edmonton drive, we realized as great as it is, we would rather enjoy the drive then wear ourselves down.

We left Calgary this morning and started our trek to Montana, but not before stopping at Dairy Queen for some soft serve. The past two times we went to Edmonton, all we wanted was a soft serve DQ chocolate dipped cone, and we FINALLY got one. Thankfully, we got one in Lethbridge, Alberta which was the last real town we passed through.


After we left Lethbridge, we headed South towards Montana. As we drove further and further South, we realized we were the ONLY car on the road, besides the occasional truck heading in the opposite direction. Almost two hours of driving, and it was just us and the open road. Totally picturesque! It actually started raining as we got closer to the boarder; the perfect day for a drive.

#TwoYoungLadiesTravel to Helena

When we finally got to the boarder, we were so excited! We stopped inside the duty free store to buy Franny (Marlee’s mom) some more Coffee Crisps, and some other Canadian knick-knacks. Then we headed towards the boarder crossing. Thankfully there was only one car in front of us, and it took a total of ten minutes of waiting and talking to the border officer. We were so happy to be back in the United States!


We weren’t sure what to expect because neither of us have ever been to Montana, but it was absolutely beautiful! The air was so clean and fresh. We stopped the car at a rest stop ( a really nice one) and walked around enjoying the air and the rain. The smell of fresh rain and pavement is oddly comforting.

Once in Montana, we were on the 15 South which is called the Lewis and Clark Trail. Kind of a cool freeway to drive on when you think of all the history. We actually stopped at a scenic overlook, and just took in all the nature. It was so silent, even with the random passing cars. It was wonderful! We were both blown away by how beautiful Montana is. Even in the car, we could’t stop saying how beautiful the scenery was. We think we’re still at a loss for words to truly describe it’s full beauty. We’re sorry if we’re redundant!

Don’t we take beautiful photos?


Snoopy enjoying the scenery.

#TwoYoungLadiesTravel to Helena

So much beauty.

#TwoYoungLadiesTravel to Helena

We spent quite a bit of time discussing whether or not this was a mesa, plateau, or a butte. We think it’s a plateau or a mesa, which actually are kind of the same thing. But butte is more fun to say…because it sounds like butt. Obviously, you can guess who added that.


When we finally got to Helena we were so excited to see that right next to our hotel was a supermarket! We immediately checked in, and walked across the street to find dinner that wasn’t fast food.

As you can see, we were very happy to be in a market with real food. We walked up and down every single aisle. It was heaven. We can’t wait to get home and start cooking and prepping our web series for you guys!


More soon!

#TwoYoungLadiesTravel to Edmonton (then back to Calgary)

Greetings from Calgary!

For those of you following our road trip journey, we’re sorry we left you hanging after Spokane. When we left Spokane to drive to Edmonton and we’re expecting a nine hour drive. Well that didn’t happen. What we forgot to factor in was the fact that we entered MST and basically lost an hour, and we’d have to slow down to a snails pace when going through all those teeny tiny towns that no one’s ever heard of. The guys at the A&W we stopped at were THRILLED to see girls they weren’t related to. Sorry, but it’s true! haha.  So, instead of taking nine hours, our drive was a little over 12 hours. YIKES.

You can imagine we were going a little stir crazy by the end of the day. And once we got to Edmonton it was jam-packed with seeing family, and cleaning out storage units. We barely had time to think, let alone write about our journey! So here it goes:

The first part of the drive from Spokane to the Canadian boarder through B.C. was stunningly gorgeous. The mountains were absolutely beautiful and the air was so clean. As native Angelenos, we’re not used to such clean air, it was almost too much to handle!

After almost 6.5 hours of driving, we finally switched in Crowsnest Pass. By this time, we were both pretty worn-out but we knew we had to keep going. We read that there was SNOW(something us Cali Gals don’t know how to deal with) coming and we didn’t want to be caught in that.

So we kept going, and all of a sudden the the beautiful mountains disappeared and we were surround by flat, farmland, and a giant sky with nothing for miles. No offense to Alberta, especially the drive from Calgary to Edmonton, but jeez, it is sooooo boring. We were both nodding off, eek. Even driving from Edmonton to Calgary today, we were both zoning out and having a hard time staying awake and it was only 3ish hours. But now that we are in our very nice hotel in Calgary, we are able to sit, not talk, and enjoy mindless TV and writing.

Okay, back to our journey: As we were driving into Edmonton there wasn’t a cloud in the big sky! It was beautiful. We thought the weather man must have been crazy; how could there be the chance of snow? Well, we arrived in Edmonton at the Cedar Park Inn, and the temperature was MUCH cooler than we expected. But still, didn’t look like it was going to snow.


(Does that look like snow to you?)

We went to sleep and the next morning we woke up to a freaking Winter Wonderland. Obviously, Edmonton didn’t get the memo that Spring was here. Our poor car, Snoopy, looked cold yet majestic in the snow. Probably the first and only time Snoopy will see snow.


Here’s Snoopy, covered in Snow. In May. WTF


A Winter Wonderland in May. Fun fact, minus this snow, Spring in Edmonton is basically Winter in LA.


Look at all that SNOW!!!


Two Young Ladies in the the Snow! Aren’t we adorable?


Little flowers covered by snow.

Over the week, we met up with many family members and had tons of meals, including a daily trip to Tim Hortons for coffee and Tim-Bits. Now, we’re going to be honest, a lot of the area we were in is a food desert (basically meaning there is nothing but fast food around), we found a few places that we liked, Moxie’s and Earls, but who knows how healthy it was for you. We were talking about how almost everything comes with fries. We need some green veggies STAT!

Anyways, we had some good meals and discovered a few new awesome things like Sesame Steak Sauce. At first we were concerned when we saw this white steak sauce coming out at a BBQ, but everyone swore that it’s amazing, so we reluctantly put it on our plates to be polite, like our fellow Canadians. It was love at first taste! Holy Smokes! We would have licked it off the plate if no one had been looking at us (Christie tried). So we decided we have to make it, so stay tuned for that and many other inspirations we got from this trip, coming up in the next few weeks. We promise you that you won’t be sorry.



We’re heading back to the states today! Heading from Calgary to Helena, Montana! Canada it’s been real, but we will see you in a few months. Time to head back to the motherland!

#TwoYoungLadiesTravel to Spokane

Greetings from beautiful Spokane!

We left Portland this morning but not before stopping at Voodoo Donuts!

VooDoo Donut IMG_6617

The first part of the drive was stunning, we drove through Mount Hood National Forest. We’ve honestly never seen such a beautiful area. The tree’s were so green and lush, including a magical waterfall. We drove along a huge river which divides Oregon and Washington.


How green and beautiful is that?

After we passed through the National Forest, the drive became sort of stale. I mean, we thought the drive from LA to SF was boring, this part of the drive was so bland. There was nothing for hours! We finally stopped in Boardman, Oregon where there were literally four restaurants.

We stopped at a dinner called C & D Drive In and Bakery. It seemed like it was the safest of the the four restaurants. We had lunch and enjoyed sitting outside for a few minutes.

I (Marlee) of course ordered chicken tenders and Christie ordered a Hot Jack Burger, which included jalapeños and pepper jack cheese. It was surprising really tasty and fresh. Once we were done, it was back on the Old Oregon Trail Freeway (UMM AWESOME) and we finally hit Washington.

Road Food


We were both expecting something a lot more green considering it’s called the Evergreen State, but we were greeted with a lot of brown. We now refer to it as the EverBrown state.

As the drive dragged on, and as the GPS said we were closer and closer to our destination, the more concerned we became, it didn’t look like we were near any sort of civilization, but as we started going down a hill we finally saw the beautiful city of Spokane.

Sunset Pink Horse Entertainment Zone Town Map Hotel Elevators View from the Top

We’re leaving for Edmonton now, and will update when we figure out the internet situation. Thanks for following along!

#TwoYoungLadiesTravel to Portland

Hello again!

If you didn’t believe us, we told you we would be posting recipes! If you haven’t seen it yet, scroll down for a mouthwatering  recipe for Meyer Lemon Curd Cake!

Anyways, we left Sac-Town this morning and headed to Portland.This leg of the drive was absolutely beautiful and we drove through Mount Shasta. First of all, absolutely beautiful. But also incredibly sad to see how low Shasta Lake was, we know California is in a drought, and we’ve obviously seen the pictures, but to see how low the water is in person? Yikes. Very sobering.

Mount ShastaBut isn’t that beautiful? And so green! AND SO MANY TREES! Do you know what else is crazy? That this was once all underwater. Mind blown.

After Shasta’s beauty, the drive was kind of boring, but then we hit Oregon and the drive once again became interesting. Like Shasta, Oregon is incredibly green and beautiful.

OregonWe have tons of photos similar to this one, but we will spare you so you don’t get bored by us.

On this leg we also encountered our first (and hopefully only) encounter of almost stand still traffic. Thankfully it only lasted for twenty minutes, and after eight hours, we arrived in Portland.

The area we’re staying in is really nice, but there are a ton of homeless people. Gross alert….we saw one taking an actual dump. Hello and welcome to Portland! Tomorrow before we leave for Spokane we’re going to hit up a couple of foodie places and they all revolve around donuts!!! Apparently two of the best donut places in the United Sates are here. A full report tomorrow peoples!

#TwoYoungLadiesTravel to Sacramento

Greetings from Sacramento!

We’re sorry we haven’t been posting very much, but we spent this week preparing for our EPIC ROAD TRIP! But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we’ll stop posting recipes! We’ve saved a ton to post until we get home in two weeks. But until then, we will be posting from the road!

This morning we left LA and headed to our first stop Sacramento! This is first time  I’ve been (Marlee) to Sacramento and the first time Christie’s been back since a class day trip in 5th Grade.


We couldn’t tell Peaches we were leaving. She always watches us leave and she gets depressed. She wasn’t impressed with us leaving today.


Here we are, two young ladies! At our first stop, a McDonald’s off the 5 freeway in Hungry Valley. We forgot our waters at home so we went in, peed and bought four bottles of water. We refused to succumb to unhealthy eating on this road trip.


See? That’s kinda of healthy. No pictured a bag of Bugles Chips….oops.


Any Walking Dead Fans out there, cause we found Terminus! Don’t worry, we didn’t eat what they were grilling.

Anywhoo, after six hours of driving, we arrived in California’s Capital. Super exiting. We walked around and saw the Capitol building, shown below in a lovely photo. There seemed to be quite a few proms going on that prompted hundreds of teens to take their pre-prom photos there.

Can we just say how happy we are to no longer be in high school? Like really, THANK YOU.


Beautiful building surrounded by a myriad of trees. We didn’t realize this, but Sacramento is “City of Trees”.

It’s also the city of  “take a wrong turn and quickly end up in the ghetto”.  As we naively turned right at the end of a block, Marlee noticed a homeless woman laughing at us, and a man who was standing in front of the sketchiest motel we’ve ever seen yelling profanities at us. We took that as a sign to get out quick.

The Nope Hotel

Remember kids: always carry pepper spray and walk around with 911 ready on your phone when roaming Sacramento, you never know what the next corner holds.

Off to Portland tomorrow, we’re hoping we get to VooDoo Doughnuts! Stay Tuned!