#TwoYoungLadiesTravel to Portland

Hello again!

If you didn’t believe us, we told you we would be posting recipes! If you haven’t seen it yet, scroll down for a mouthwatering  recipe for Meyer Lemon Curd Cake!

Anyways, we left Sac-Town this morning and headed to Portland.This leg of the drive was absolutely beautiful and we drove through Mount Shasta. First of all, absolutely beautiful. But also incredibly sad to see how low Shasta Lake was, we know California is in a drought, and we’ve obviously seen the pictures, but to see how low the water is in person? Yikes. Very sobering.

Mount ShastaBut isn’t that beautiful? And so green! AND SO MANY TREES! Do you know what else is crazy? That this was once all underwater. Mind blown.

After Shasta’s beauty, the drive was kind of boring, but then we hit Oregon and the drive once again became interesting. Like Shasta, Oregon is incredibly green and beautiful.

OregonWe have tons of photos similar to this one, but we will spare you so you don’t get bored by us.

On this leg we also encountered our first (and hopefully only) encounter of almost stand still traffic. Thankfully it only lasted for twenty minutes, and after eight hours, we arrived in Portland.

The area we’re staying in is really nice, but there are a ton of homeless people. Gross alert….we saw one taking an actual dump. Hello and welcome to Portland! Tomorrow before we leave for Spokane we’re going to hit up a couple of foodie places and they all revolve around donuts!!! Apparently two of the best donut places in the United Sates are here. A full report tomorrow peoples!

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