Day 14 of 20 (4/20 Foods) – Pizza Pockets

Day Fourteen! We’re almost there! We can see the finish line in sight! And we truly hope you guys are enjoying these recipes just as much as we’re making and sharing them with you.

Today’s recipe is essentially a savory poptart, and you know how much we like our poptarts here. But what is more quentisentially stoner than a pizza pocket or a hot pocket? Nothing. While these may not be “microwave” ready easy, these are quick, delicious, and semi-homemade. Now, if you don’t like sausage, don’t add sausage. Don’t like pepperoni? Add more sausage. You get the idea. Easy, yummy, and portable. How easy was that? We think Ina, might possibly approve of these delicious pockets of yum.

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Day 9 of 20 (4/20 Foods) – Cereal Treats

Cereal Treats

Cereal Treats. Who doesn’t love cereal treats? They’re sweet, crunchy and keep your mouth busy and filled with flavor. Now, while we love the OG Rice Krispie treats, we thought we would give you something extra special. Fruity Pebble Treats. You could honestly try this your favorite cereal, but fruit pebbles are definitely high on our list of favorites.

Seriously, these were one of our favorite recipes we made for this. Something about the marshmallows sinking to the bottom, the crunchiness of the cereal, the overall mouth feel, was truly wonderful.

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Day 6 of 20 (4/20 Foods) – Sweet and Salty

This combination is completely Marlee’s thing. She LOOOVES sweet and salty together, so she put two of her favorite snacks together and made what I (Christie) call a “fruit and cheese plate”.

The cute little salty cheese crackers and chocolate covered raisins totally make your tongue dance. The best part about it, everything is premade, just mix and enjoy!

Goldfish and Raisinets

Goldfish and Raisinets

Goldfish and Raisinets

Day 5 of 20 (4/20 Foods) – Snacking Cookie Dough

When we did research on classic stoner foods, cookie dough popped up in every list. This recipe is perfect for the munchies or anyone who feels a little dangerous every time you eat the cookie dough you know someone’s grandmother told you not to. This specific cookie dough is made to be eaten raw, because there is no egg. The only thing baked might be you.

P.S. Don’t try to bake this, it’s for snacking purposes only. Make this cookie dough, popcorn and pick a show on Netflix, that’s what we call church.

Eggless Edible Cookie Dough

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Day 4 of 20 (4/20 Foods) – Bacon Jampanadas

Bacon Jampanadas

Bacon Jampanadas are the happiest accident we ever created. These were created because we had a lot of extra pie dough from making the pop-tarts, so we started searching the kitchen for other things to use so we don’t waste. I know, us and these damn pop-tarts! We can’t help that food-pockets are essential stoner food.

Anyway, an amazing idea presented itself, BACON JAM! Yes, smokey, sweet, savory goodness in a cute little portable pocket form. It’s like Polly Pocket, but Piggy Pocket, haha. Also, the name “Bacon Jampanadas” was an inspiration that was stumbled upon while eating these stoned.

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Spicy Picnic Sauce

Happy Sunday! Today’s recipe is super easy, super delicious and you can put on just about anything. Fires, burgers, hot dogs, chips, sandwiches, a vegetable dip, you can eat it with a spoon if you’re feeling saucy…

Ha ha, see what we did there? We’re so funny. No, but seriously, this dip is pretty damn incredible. It’s basically our own version of In-N-Outs special sauce. Click below for this recipe. IF you enjoy our recipes, don’t forget to subscribe, share and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Fried Pickles

Fried. Pickles. Get on the pickle train. Because it’s leaving for Flavor Town!

These pickles became an instant must at any gathering at our house. They’re crunchy, tangy, salty, and overall aca-amazing. (We just watched Pitch Perfect 2)

Fried Pickles

Fried Pickles

Fried Pickles 


  • 1 jar of Clausen Pickles, whole
  • 1 cup Beer
  • 3 cups flour (1-2 for batter, 1 for dredging)
  • Vegetable Oil
  • 1 cup of cornmeal
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne
  • 1 tablespoon garlic salt
  • 1 teaspoon season salt
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • pepper

Step 1: Cut pickles into 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch thick coins. (We initially used pre-cut pickle chips, but they weren’t pickle-y enough for us so we just had to cut ourselves some beautiful pickle “steaks”). Place the pickle steaks on a paper towel and then another paper towel on top.

Step 2:  In a bowl, mix together one to two cups of flour and one bottle of beer of your choice. Whisk until combined. It should resemble a thin pancake batter. If the batter says it needs more beer, you should listen, it wants to make love to you, like you want it to.

Step 3: Add in the cayenne, garlic salt, season salt, onion powder and some pepper (“It don’t matter if it’s black or white”).

Step 4: Heat oil to 375°F. In a smaller bowl, mix one cup of flour and one cup of cornmeal with a few dashes of season salt.

Step 5: Once the oil is up to heat, take the pickle dredged it in some the flour/cornmeal mixture, then dip into the batter, then gently put it in to the oil and allow it to fry until it’s golden brown on one side then flip. Just make sure both sides get evenly golden brown.

Step 6: Take the beautifully fried pickle steaks out of their hot tub and place them on a plate with a paper towel, salt them immediately! Give them a few minutes to cool down and ENJOY!

Can be served with Sriracha or a Chipotle Mayo (or whatever floats your boat).

Fried Pickles