About Us

Hi! Welcome to Two Young Ladies! We should probably introduce ourselves before we go any further. We’re Marlee Anna and Christie. Two best friends/sisters/foodies/culinarians who love to cook.

Christie and Marlee
Christie and Marlee

We both graduated from Film School in December of 2013 (Marlee studied drama and Christie studied filmmaking) and we took 2014 “off” to travel the world, and honestly do nothing after three years  (plus all the OTHER years before that)of intense, non-stop schooling. Seriously, it was like a marathon.

Besides acting (Marlee), writing, and making movies, we love to cook and bake. Honestly, if we hadn’t have gone to film school, we probably would have gone to culinary school. So after taking a year off, we thought it was time to get back into the swing of things. In between, writing and “free lancing” (aka the nice way of saying we’re unemployed) we thought the best thing for us to do, was combine two things we love: making food and filmmaking.

On top of that, we LOVE Pinterest. It’s literally one big cookbook of awesome. Truth time. We can spend hours going through Pinterest finding hundreds upon hundreds of recipes. And we’ve cooked a great deal of them, but now we want to share what we cook with you.

What you will find here is a mix of our own personal recipes, recipes we’ve cooked from Pinterest, and general fun and exciting things. This site will go hand in hand with our web-series Two Young Ladies, where we cook our way through Pinterest. We were inspired by, who we loving call, The Queens of the Kitchen: Julia Child, Ina Garten, Nigella Lawson, The Two Fat Ladies: Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson, and even a King: Gordon Ramsay, you sexy bastard. We want to share our love of cooking and baking with you. And we figured there was no better way than to do it with a web-series.

Just some advice from learning the hard way: Always read the entire recipe through before you start!

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