Spicy Picnic Sauce

Happy Sunday! Today’s recipe is super easy, super delicious and you can put on just about anything. Fires, burgers, hot dogs, chips, sandwiches, a vegetable dip, you can eat it with a spoon if you’re feeling saucy…

Ha ha, see what we did there? We’re so funny. No, but seriously, this dip is pretty damn incredible. It’s basically our own version of In-N-Outs special sauce. Click below for this recipe. IF you enjoy our recipes, don’t forget to subscribe, share and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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We’re back…again! Look at us, three days in a row. Or was it four? Either way, we’re here to get you through hump day and have another great recipe for your Super Bowl Party. These JalapeƱo Poppers are out of this world! They’re sweet, tangy, and spicy. What could be better? Oh right…BACON. Bacon makes just about everything better.

We’ve made a few adjustments since we first made it and we think these will be a great addition to any super bowl party. Spicy jalapeƱos, cool green apples, and bacon. What could be better.

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Cheesy Beer Bread

You know what’s awesome? Cheese, Beer and Bread. And you know what’s even better? When you combine all three into a delicious, cheesy, warm, bread. This is one of our EASIEST recipes. It’s damn near impossible to mess up that even a kitchen novice could master this bad boy.

Can you imagine showing up to your Super Bowl party with cheesy beer bread? You’d be the ultimate hero. And what’s great about this bread is that there is zero rising time, so you essentially mix it, dump it, and bake it. As our Queen Ina would say, how easy is that?

There isn’t much more to say other than, click below for this MVP recipe.

Cheesy Beer Bread

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Fried Pickles

It’s the week of the Super Bowl and we are dedicated to brining you Super Bowl inspired recipes! We’ll be bringing you some old recipes and a ton of new recipes to make your Super Bowl parties super incredible and filled with tasty food.

Our first recipe is one of the first recipes we ever posted and our first experience with fried food. We thought frying food was really intimidating but once you do it one or two times, it’s really is not that scary or hard. But we do recommending having a thermometer to know the temperature of your oil. It really truly helps. And just remember, every time you put something in the oil the oil temperature will drop. So, in between batches wait for your oil to reheat.

Fried pickles are the perfect way to start off your super bowl party. Who doesn’t love pickles? They’re tangy, they’re crunchy, they’re salty, and fried pickles are the perfect finger food. These are a must at all of our get togethers. So get on the pickle train, because it’s leaving for flavor town…wow that was incredibly awkward to write, I’m embarrassed. Click below for our scrumptious fried pickle recipe and save me from myself.

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