#TwoYoungLadiesTravel to Sacramento

Greetings from Sacramento!

We’re sorry we haven’t been posting very much, but we spent this week preparing for our EPIC ROAD TRIP! But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we’ll stop posting recipes! We’ve saved a ton to post until we get home in two weeks. But until then, we will be posting from the road!

This morning we left LA and headed to our first stop Sacramento! This is first time  I’ve been (Marlee) to Sacramento and the first time Christie’s been back since a class day trip in 5th Grade.


We couldn’t tell Peaches we were leaving. She always watches us leave and she gets depressed. She wasn’t impressed with us leaving today.


Here we are, two young ladies! At our first stop, a McDonald’s off the 5 freeway in Hungry Valley. We forgot our waters at home so we went in, peed and bought four bottles of water. We refused to succumb to unhealthy eating on this road trip.


See? That’s kinda of healthy. No pictured a bag of Bugles Chips….oops.


Any Walking Dead Fans out there, cause we found Terminus! Don’t worry, we didn’t eat what they were grilling.

Anywhoo, after six hours of driving, we arrived in California’s Capital. Super exiting. We walked around and saw the Capitol building, shown below in a lovely photo. There seemed to be quite a few proms going on that prompted hundreds of teens to take their pre-prom photos there.

Can we just say how happy we are to no longer be in high school? Like really, THANK YOU.


Beautiful building surrounded by a myriad of trees. We didn’t realize this, but Sacramento is “City of Trees”.

It’s also the city of  “take a wrong turn and quickly end up in the ghetto”.  As we naively turned right at the end of a block, Marlee noticed a homeless woman laughing at us, and a man who was standing in front of the sketchiest motel we’ve ever seen yelling profanities at us. We took that as a sign to get out quick.

The Nope Hotel

Remember kids: always carry pepper spray and walk around with 911 ready on your phone when roaming Sacramento, you never know what the next corner holds.

Off to Portland tomorrow, we’re hoping we get to VooDoo Doughnuts! Stay Tuned!

One thought on “#TwoYoungLadiesTravel to Sacramento

  1. Wait, Voodoo Donuts? That doesn’t sound healthy. You said you were going to eat healthy on this road trip. Since you left this morning your father and I were left to forage out of the refrigerator. It was bleak. No one to cook for us. I think I have lost 10 pounds since you left. Perhaps tomorrow I will weigh myself. Ohhhh, wait, I just found some lemon curd in the back of the refrigerator. Maybe that and some of your homemade ice cream will make me feel better.

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