Breakfast Pie

It’s that time of year again and no I don’t mean the holidays so stop trying to rush Christmas! No, it’s that horrible time of year that we have to experience twice a year, it’s old and antiquated and  if you guessed Daylight Savings then you get fifty points!

While most love getting that extra hour of sleep, both of us can’t stand it. We already wake  up early so when the clocks go back and we wake up thinking it’s 6am only to realize it’s 5am you can imagine how that feels. And let’s not even talk about “spraining forward” you want us to loose an hour?! No thank you.

Anyway, we digress (as usual) and our recipe today is a good one. Sunday is all about Brunch and this is a perfect brunch recipe. It’s perfect because not only can you make the entire pie ahead of time, but you can the filling ahead of time and then make the pie the next day. It’s really up to you and how you like to brunch.

This recipe is enough to make two full breakfast pies and each pie has about 12 slices depending on how you cut them.

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