#TwoYoungLadiesTravel to Spokane

Greetings from beautiful Spokane!

We left Portland this morning but not before stopping at Voodoo Donuts!

VooDoo Donut IMG_6617

The first part of the drive was stunning, we drove through Mount Hood National Forest. We’ve honestly never seen such a beautiful area. The tree’s were so green and lush, including a magical waterfall. We drove along a huge river which divides Oregon and Washington.


How green and beautiful is that?

After we passed through the National Forest, the drive became sort of stale. I mean, we thought the drive from LA to SF was boring, this part of the drive was so bland. There was nothing for hours! We finally stopped in Boardman, Oregon where there were literally four restaurants.

We stopped at a dinner called C & D Drive In and Bakery. It seemed like it was the safest of the the four restaurants. We had lunch and enjoyed sitting outside for a few minutes.

I (Marlee) of course ordered chicken tenders and Christie ordered a Hot Jack Burger, which included jalapeños and pepper jack cheese. It was surprising really tasty and fresh. Once we were done, it was back on the Old Oregon Trail Freeway (UMM AWESOME) and we finally hit Washington.

Road Food


We were both expecting something a lot more green considering it’s called the Evergreen State, but we were greeted with a lot of brown. We now refer to it as the EverBrown state.

As the drive dragged on, and as the GPS said we were closer and closer to our destination, the more concerned we became, it didn’t look like we were near any sort of civilization, but as we started going down a hill we finally saw the beautiful city of Spokane.

Sunset Pink Horse Entertainment Zone Town Map Hotel Elevators View from the Top

We’re leaving for Edmonton now, and will update when we figure out the internet situation. Thanks for following along!

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