Day 20 of 20! (4/20 Foods) – Milk and Cereal Ice Cream

We’re finally here! Day twenty! And our last recipe is another inspired by recipe, if you didn’t know already, we LOVE Gilmore Girls, and a couple months ago we decided to make some ice cream flavors inspired by our favorite show, so while the official title of this ice cream is Milk and Cereal Ice Cream, we like to call this ice cream, the Logan Huntzberger Special.


On one of their dates, Logan and Rory break into the Yale cafeteria for ice cream and Rory notices the cereal section completely full. Now in the episode, Rory is excited about Cocoa Puff, but there was just something about Fruity Pebbles that screamed Gilmore Girls, so here we are. Our last day of twenty days of 4/20 and mixing it with one of our favorite shows. Hopefully you will not only enjoy this recipe but the 19 other we’ve already posted!

Fruity Pebz Ice Cream


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Day 15 of 20 (4/20 Foods) – Dunkaroos


  • Graham Crackers or Teddy Grahams
  • Frosting
  • Sprinkles (Optional)

This “recipe” doesn’t really require any steps. Literally just dip your crackers into some frosting and if you’re feeling fancy, some sprinkles! For our purposes, we used chocolate graham crackers and cream cheese frosting, but you guys can totally mix it up with your favorite combos. These are an homage to Dunkaroos, your favorite childhood snack. And if they weren’t your favorites, you’re lying.





Poptarts! Gilmore Girls! Poptarts!

You know we love Gilmore Girls, we love poptarts, and we are eagerly waiting for Netflix to tell us that we will be getting more episodes of Gilmore Girls. Fingers crossed.

Until then, we’ve made more poptarts and like them so much, we want to remind you that we have the easiest homemade poptarts recipe. Click here for the recipe.

If you’re truly that lazy and don’t want to make your own filling, you can buy any pre-made jam or preserves and use that as the filling. Otherwise, these are so simple any Gilmore Girl could do it. Even Emily. Just kidding.

Apple Poptarts

Apple Poptarts

Apple Poptarts

Apple Poptarts

Apple Poptarts

Apple Poptarts

Seriously, it’s a poptart photoshoot.

Apple Poptarts

There is nothing better than a homemade poptart, a pipping hot cup of coffee and a Gilmore Girls marathon.

Apple Poptarts

Al’s Pancake World Vegetable Fried Rice

One thing about us is we love TV shows. I mean, we went to film school so while others watch shows and movies passively we LOVE to watch and analyze and see things that other viewers might miss. And of of our favorite shows is Gilmore Girls, a few months ago we actually were lucky enough to test a recipe from the Unofficial Gilmore Girls Cookbook. We made Mock Turtle Soup  and really enjoyed all the Gilmore Girls inspired recipes.

As we continued re-watching the series in preparation for the Revival that premiered in November, we thought about all the different restaurants that were available in Stars Hollow and which ones we wanted to eat at and the consensus was Al’s Pancake World. Where no pancakes are ever served, just delicious foreign eats from around the world. And when we saw one of the teaser pictures that the Gilmore Girls Instagram account posted, we knew we needed to make our own version of Fried Rice


We love signs and if this picture wasn’t a sign to make fried rice, I don’t know what is. What’s great about this recipe is that we think just about anyone could make it. Even the Lorelai’s and Rory’s of the world who fear the kitchen and all it’s tools, this recipe is pretty easy and almost impossible to mess up.

While we made our own rice for the recipe you can totally use left over white rice that you get from Chinese restaurants that you usually have no idea what to do with days later. You can also utilize whatever frozen vegetables or left over meat you have in the fridge (beef, pork, chicken…yum).


Forgive us, we just watched Mulan over the weekend and can’t stop singing all the songs.

Anyway, this recipe is super easy and we think that even Lorelai Gilmore could make it with ease. And while ours is called vegetable fried rice, you can add just about any kind of meat you want. Or leave it as is. We think that Al from Al’s Pancake World would definitely approve.

Click below for the recipe!

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