Day 20 of 20! (4/20 Foods) – Milk and Cereal Ice Cream

We’re finally here! Day twenty! And our last recipe is another inspired by recipe, if you didn’t know already, we LOVE Gilmore Girls, and a couple months ago we decided to make some ice cream flavors inspired by our favorite show, so while the official title of this ice cream is Milk and Cereal Ice Cream, we like to call this ice cream, the Logan Huntzberger Special.


On one of their dates, Logan and Rory break into the Yale cafeteria for ice cream and Rory notices the cereal section completely full. Now in the episode, Rory is excited about Cocoa Puff, but there was just something about Fruity Pebbles that screamed Gilmore Girls, so here we are. Our last day of twenty days of 4/20 and mixing it with one of our favorite shows. Hopefully you will not only enjoy this recipe but the 19 other we’ve already posted!

Fruity Pebz Ice Cream


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Day 19 of 20 (4/20 Foods) – Guac-a-Marlee

We’re almost there! Nineteen days of recipes and we still have one more to go.

Today’s recipe actually was inspired by a restaurant near us that we went to with our family friend, Julie. We didn’t like anything we had that night except for this amazing “Sweet and Spicy” guacamole that had pomegranate seeds and dried apricots. Thinking back, we don’t really remember what the spicy component was but we liked it so much, we decided to make our version.

Most people who are reading our blog hopefully have a general idea of how to cook/bake and make things, so the recipe below is missing quantities because we want to allow you to make the guacamole to your specific tastes and how much you want or need.

Enjoy our tasty and addictive creation below!


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Day 18 of 20 (4/20 Foods) – TYLS EATS LA: Donuts

We told you a few days ago we wanted to share some of our favorite LA Eats with you, for those who either live here or those who are traveling to here. We were originally going to do like a top five list in each category of food (Indian, Mexican, Chinese ect.)  but there are just too many good restaurants here, that we just thought we’d do a feature on each one as we see fit. And we do have a lot of favorite restaurants.

We wanted to share a little secret with you: Kettle Glazed Doughnuts.  They have some of the best donuts and Croissant-style donuts around. We’ve never tried the original at the Dominique Ansel Bakery, but we’re confident that the Kettle Glazed version would stand up tall next to the famous trademarked version.

PS: You might notice two spellings of donut/doughnut. This is because we personally use the spelling donut, but wanted to respect the titles of the doughnuts according to Kettle Glazed. 

Below is Kettle Glazed’s chocolate drizzled croissant-style donut.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 3.40.47 PM

Box of beauties below!

Donuts, Cheesecake, FruityPeb IceCream

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Day 17 of 20 (4/20 Foods) – CinnamonRoll Waffle

Brownies and Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Are you craving a donut? Well, you probably are now! We had an extra tube of Cinnamon Rolls, specifically the Maple brown sugar kind, but didn’t want to wait like 20 minutes. The waffle iron was already out so we thought, go for it!

These literally take 3 minutes and are freaking delicious. Cinna-Waffle? Waffle-bun? Just put it in my mouth?! Just eat it. You’ll be so happy.

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Day 15 of 20 (4/20 Foods) – Dunkaroos


  • Graham Crackers or Teddy Grahams
  • Frosting
  • Sprinkles (Optional)

This “recipe” doesn’t really require any steps. Literally just dip your crackers into some frosting and if you’re feeling fancy, some sprinkles! For our purposes, we used chocolate graham crackers and cream cheese frosting, but you guys can totally mix it up with your favorite combos. These are an homage to Dunkaroos, your favorite childhood snack. And if they weren’t your favorites, you’re lying.





Day 14 of 20 (4/20 Foods) – Pizza Pockets

Day Fourteen! We’re almost there! We can see the finish line in sight! And we truly hope you guys are enjoying these recipes just as much as we’re making and sharing them with you.

Today’s recipe is essentially a savory poptart, and you know how much we like our poptarts here. But what is more quentisentially stoner than a pizza pocket or a hot pocket? Nothing. While these may not be “microwave” ready easy, these are quick, delicious, and semi-homemade. Now, if you don’t like sausage, don’t add sausage. Don’t like pepperoni? Add more sausage. You get the idea. Easy, yummy, and portable. How easy was that? We think Ina, might possibly approve of these delicious pockets of yum.

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Day 13 of 20 (4/20 Foods) – Cinnamon Rolls with Bacon

Cinnamon Rolls

Here we are! Day thirteen! We’re almost there. and today we have another easy almost homemade recipe. Eventually we want to take a stab at fully homemade cinnamon rolls but until then, these will have to suffice.

I mean, is there anything better than bacon and warm cinnamon rolls? These two make a sweet and salty, deliciously warm combination that makes our mouths water just thinking about it.

You can use any brand of store bought cinnamon rolls but we highly recommended, if it’s available Pillsbury Maple Brown Sugar


We actually have another recipe using these bad boys, but that’s not for a few more days. But until then, let our scrumptious bacon rolled cinnamon rolls tide you over.

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Day 12 of 20 (4/20 Foods) – TYL EATS LA

After 11 days of recipes and tricks, today we are taking the easy way out and sharing one of our favorite LA (Burbank) Eats. We actually discovered this place while babysitting and had been passing it by for years but never gave it a second glance because we just assumed it was an old people diner.

The restaurant we are speaking of is The Tallyrand located in Burbank on Olive Blvd.


Now, you may judge it on it’s dated exterior and typical “diner fare” but this place is truly a hidden gem. In a couple weeks we’ll do a full write up, but for now we’re going to talk about our favorite “stoner” dish: CHICKEN FINGERS. WE love chicken fingers and are always on the hunt for the best! When we came across the Tallyrand and we saw their chicken fingers, we knew it was love at first sight.


Perfectly crispy chicken, with an assortment of dipping sauces (BBQ, Honey Mustard, and Ranch with hot sauce) and hot and crispy fries.


You know it’s going to be good, when they throw some decorative parsley on the plate.


Day 11 of 20 (4/20 Foods) – Brownies

Brownies and Cinnamon Roll Waffles

This is more of a suggestion instead of a recipe. Coffee and Chocolate are a match made in heaven. Ina said so! (Yes, she’ll judge you if you use the cheap stuff.)

Ina Garten

Anyway, today we bring you our favorite brand of box brownie, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Brownies. The dark chocolate variety are truly superior. Even people who prefer milk chocolate love these. The chocolate flavor is so rich and deep without being bitter like some dark chocolate.

Brownies and Cinnamon Roll Waffles


  • 1 Box brownie+recipe
  • Coffee or espresso

Step 1: Follow instructions on the box of brownies.

Step 2: Instead of the amount of water it calls for (for ours its 1/2 cup of water), add the same amount of coffee or espresso (we used our Nespresso, Fabio).

(Optional): Add sprinkles

Step 3: BAKE!

Brownies and Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Brownies and Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Brownies and Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Brownies and Cinnamon Roll Waffles