Spicy Picnic Sauce

Happy Sunday! Today’s recipe is super easy, super delicious and you can put on just about anything. Fires, burgers, hot dogs, chips, sandwiches, a vegetable dip, you can eat it with a spoon if you’re feeling saucy…

Ha ha, see what we did there? We’re so funny. No, but seriously, this dip is pretty damn incredible. It’s basically our own version of In-N-Outs special sauce. Click below for this recipe. IF you enjoy our recipes, don’t forget to subscribe, share and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Poptarts! Gilmore Girls! Poptarts!

You know we love Gilmore Girls, we love poptarts, and we are eagerly waiting for Netflix to tell us that we will be getting more episodes of Gilmore Girls. Fingers crossed.

Until then, we’ve made more poptarts and like them so much, we want to remind you that we have the easiest homemade poptarts recipe. Click here for the recipe.

If you’re truly that lazy and don’t want to make your own filling, you can buy any pre-made jam or preserves and use that as the filling. Otherwise, these are so simple any Gilmore Girl could do it. Even Emily. Just kidding.

Apple Poptarts

Apple Poptarts

Apple Poptarts

Apple Poptarts

Apple Poptarts

Apple Poptarts

Seriously, it’s a poptart photoshoot.

Apple Poptarts

There is nothing better than a homemade poptart, a pipping hot cup of coffee and a Gilmore Girls marathon.

Apple Poptarts

Fruit Handpies (Homemade Poptarts)

We’re on our Gilmore Girls kick here and what’s more Gilmore than poptarts? Literally nothing. One of the promo’s was literally a tray of poptarts and an apple. And we all know where that led….but let’s stay on target.

So if you like Gilmore Girls like we do, you know that poptarts are staple in the Gilmore Household.


And like with our fried rice, we knew that when the revival came out we wanted to make as many Gilmore Girl inspired recipes that we could. And what’s more Gilmore than poptarts?



Of course, buying poptarts is the easy solution but making them really isn’t as hard as it seems. Trust us. We use store bought pie dough and if you really want to take the easy way out you can buy pre-made filling at the store, and frost these with store bought icing. But we suggest at least trying them once like this.

Because once you have a homemade poptart, it’s REALLY hard to go back to the store bought kind.

Homemade Poptarts

Look at those beauties. And let us be real with you, these taste as good as they look. Buttery, flaky pie dough and a warm fruit filling? Topped with a homemade glaze? Seriously what could be better than that? Besides Gilmore Girls coming back for another season? The answer is homemade poptarts!

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Beef Wellington

Not only is Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, tomorrow is Galentine’s Day and we can’t think of a better recipe to not only impress your beau but you can impress your Gal-Pal’s with this wonderfully delicious and mouthwatering recipe.

This recipe comes from the Hell’s Kitchen Cookbook that we adapted for TYL. One thing about us, besides our love for Gilmore Girls and TV, we LOVE cooking shows (obviously), especially shows that involve Gordon Ramsay (yum). When we were in film school, our dear friend CJ, told us we had to watch Hell’s Kitchen. At that time, we knew of Gordon Ramsay but didn’t know much more than he was British, was a chef, and liked to yell. We weren’t sure if we were going to enjoy watching but once we started, we were hooked.

We not only watched all of the  Hell’s Kitchen that Hulu had to offer, but every Gordon Ramsay show we could stream. We truly LOVE Gordon Ramsay especially his insults, specially when he calls people a donut or a donkey.

But if you watch enough Hell’s Kitchen, you see the same recipes made over and over and one of those recipes happened to be Beef Wellington. We didn’t know much, other than it seemed complicated, made Gordon yell at you if it wasn’t cooked right, and it looked freakin’ delicious. When we realized that Gordon had a steak house in Las Vegas, and they severed Beef Wellington, we booked our hotel and drove to Vegas to have one of the most amazing meals we had had in our adult lives. The years passed, and we kept saying, that we were going to learn, but we never did. And finally last Christmas, we decided Christmas Beef Wellingtons would be the perfect main dish for our holiday celebrations. After testing it three times, we finally figured it out. We think Gordon would have been proud of our determination!

And while this recipe can seem tedious and time intensive it’s totally worth the time and effort because the results are mouthwatering. It’s one of those recipes that once you learn it, you could almost do it without a guide. Its not so much about the measurements, its all in the feeling.

We guarantee if you make this for your significant other, you’ll definitely be getting some lovin’. Maybe find a use for any leftover blackberry sauce? Too dirty? Maybe, but you haven’t tasted this sauce. It’s so good, that just typing/thinking about it makes our mouths water.

Also, if you really want to get into the Valentine’s Day Mood, check out friend CJ’s band, The Summit. They just covered a sexy song from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack that you can definitely listen to while eating our Beef Wellington.

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We’re back…again! Look at us, three days in a row. Or was it four? Either way, we’re here to get you through hump day and have another great recipe for your Super Bowl Party. These Jalapeño Poppers are out of this world! They’re sweet, tangy, and spicy. What could be better? Oh right…BACON. Bacon makes just about everything better.

We’ve made a few adjustments since we first made it and we think these will be a great addition to any super bowl party. Spicy jalapeños, cool green apples, and bacon. What could be better.

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Cheesy Beer Bread

You know what’s awesome? Cheese, Beer and Bread. And you know what’s even better? When you combine all three into a delicious, cheesy, warm, bread. This is one of our EASIEST recipes. It’s damn near impossible to mess up that even a kitchen novice could master this bad boy.

Can you imagine showing up to your Super Bowl party with cheesy beer bread? You’d be the ultimate hero. And what’s great about this bread is that there is zero rising time, so you essentially mix it, dump it, and bake it. As our Queen Ina would say, how easy is that?

There isn’t much more to say other than, click below for this MVP recipe.

Cheesy Beer Bread

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Fried Pickles

It’s the week of the Super Bowl and we are dedicated to brining you Super Bowl inspired recipes! We’ll be bringing you some old recipes and a ton of new recipes to make your Super Bowl parties super incredible and filled with tasty food.

Our first recipe is one of the first recipes we ever posted and our first experience with fried food. We thought frying food was really intimidating but once you do it one or two times, it’s really is not that scary or hard. But we do recommending having a thermometer to know the temperature of your oil. It really truly helps. And just remember, every time you put something in the oil the oil temperature will drop. So, in between batches wait for your oil to reheat.

Fried pickles are the perfect way to start off your super bowl party. Who doesn’t love pickles? They’re tangy, they’re crunchy, they’re salty, and fried pickles are the perfect finger food. These are a must at all of our get togethers. So get on the pickle train, because it’s leaving for flavor town…wow that was incredibly awkward to write, I’m embarrassed. Click below for our scrumptious fried pickle recipe and save me from myself.

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Al’s Pancake World Vegetable Fried Rice

One thing about us is we love TV shows. I mean, we went to film school so while others watch shows and movies passively we LOVE to watch and analyze and see things that other viewers might miss. And of of our favorite shows is Gilmore Girls, a few months ago we actually were lucky enough to test a recipe from the Unofficial Gilmore Girls Cookbook. We made Mock Turtle Soup  and really enjoyed all the Gilmore Girls inspired recipes.

As we continued re-watching the series in preparation for the Revival that premiered in November, we thought about all the different restaurants that were available in Stars Hollow and which ones we wanted to eat at and the consensus was Al’s Pancake World. Where no pancakes are ever served, just delicious foreign eats from around the world. And when we saw one of the teaser pictures that the Gilmore Girls Instagram account posted, we knew we needed to make our own version of Fried Rice


We love signs and if this picture wasn’t a sign to make fried rice, I don’t know what is. What’s great about this recipe is that we think just about anyone could make it. Even the Lorelai’s and Rory’s of the world who fear the kitchen and all it’s tools, this recipe is pretty easy and almost impossible to mess up.

While we made our own rice for the recipe you can totally use left over white rice that you get from Chinese restaurants that you usually have no idea what to do with days later. You can also utilize whatever frozen vegetables or left over meat you have in the fridge (beef, pork, chicken…yum).


Forgive us, we just watched Mulan over the weekend and can’t stop singing all the songs.

Anyway, this recipe is super easy and we think that even Lorelai Gilmore could make it with ease. And while ours is called vegetable fried rice, you can add just about any kind of meat you want. Or leave it as is. We think that Al from Al’s Pancake World would definitely approve.

Click below for the recipe!

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Heavenly Rosemary Biscuits

Happy Saturday, today we celebrate the weekend with one of our favorite recipes…Rosemary Biscuits. We were inspired to make these after going to one of our favorite LA Eats, Gulfstream which had the most amazing, mouthwatering, soft, pillowy biscuits we’ve ever had. Unfortunately we found out the location closest to us has officially closed down. Thankfully, before the restaurant closed we were able to talk to the staff and pick their brains on how the biscuits were made and were able to make our own versions of the “worth the wait” rosemary biscuits.

Of course, we will miss the convince of being able to order these biscuits but not the ridiculous amount of traffic driving to and from Century City, but we thankful now to have our own version and we’re ready to share it with you. If you’re not a fan of rosemary, you’re more than welcome to leave the rosemary out and swap it for a herb you prefer, or leave it out entirely… these biscuits can hold up quite nicely on their own…but we we prefer the rosemary and think you should too!

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Large Sugar Cookies

It’s January! A new year! And that means new recipes. And the best way to start out the new year is with a delicious sugar cookie. One of our favorite types of cookie is those perfectly large, round, sugar cookies you find in the bakery. For this recipe we actually doubled the original recipe so there would be more cookies to enjoy. You can certainly cut this recipe in half but if you want more cookies, we suggest going  with the recipe as it’s written below.

The lemon zest is also totally optional but we recommend leaving it in because it gives the cookies a little extra ‘something’. And if you have Meyer Lemons, that’s even better. You know how much we love our Meyer Lemons here. Get zesty!

Also a fun fact about Sugar Cookies, they date back all the way to the 1700’s in Nazareth Pennsylvania, where German Protestant settlers created a round, buttery, cookie known as the Nazareth Cookie. This cookie actually became the ‘official’ cookie of the State of Pennsylvania. And then in the 1930’s sugar cookies gained popularity in America when children would leave them out for Santa as a midnight treat. Lucky Santa! Let us know how you enjoy these sugar cookies!

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