Heavenly Rosemary Biscuits

Happy Saturday, today we celebrate the weekend with one of our favorite recipes…Rosemary Biscuits. We were inspired to make these after going to one of our favorite LA Eats, Gulfstream which had the most amazing, mouthwatering, soft, pillowy biscuits we’ve ever had. Unfortunately we found out the location closest to us has officially closed down. Thankfully, before the restaurant closed we were able to talk to the staff and pick their brains on how the biscuits were made and were able to make our own versions of the “worth the wait” rosemary biscuits.

Of course, we will miss the convince of being able to order these biscuits but not the ridiculous amount of traffic driving to and from Century City, but we thankful now to have our own version and we’re ready to share it with you. If you’re not a fan of rosemary, you’re more than welcome to leave the rosemary out and swap it for a herb you prefer, or leave it out entirely… these biscuits can hold up quite nicely on their own…but we we prefer the rosemary and think you should too!

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