Large Sugar Cookies

It’s January! A new year! And that means new recipes. And the best way to start out the new year is with a delicious sugar cookie. One of our favorite types of cookie is those perfectly large, round, sugar cookies you find in the bakery. For this recipe we actually doubled the original recipe so there would be more cookies to enjoy. You can certainly cut this recipe in half but if you want more cookies, we suggest going  with the recipe as it’s written below.

The lemon zest is also totally optional but we recommend leaving it in because it gives the cookies a little extra ‘something’. And if you have Meyer Lemons, that’s even better. You know how much we love our Meyer Lemons here. Get zesty!

Also a fun fact about Sugar Cookies, they date back all the way to the 1700’s in Nazareth Pennsylvania, where German Protestant settlers created a round, buttery, cookie known as the Nazareth Cookie. This cookie actually became the ‘official’ cookie of the State of Pennsylvania. And then in the 1930’s sugar cookies gained popularity in America when children would leave them out for Santa as a midnight treat. Lucky Santa! Let us know how you enjoy these sugar cookies!

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