Red & Yellow Smoothie

After a night out of partying, the best way to start your Saturday is by making our Red & Yellow Smoothie. Packed full of fruit and protein, you can’t go wrong.

Also, coconut water is AWESOME. Do you know how many benefits it has?

  • It aids in weight loss.
  • Helps with blemished skin (working from the inside out!).
  • Makes hangovers more bearable by replacing lost electrolytes. 
  • Aids in digestion because it’s packed full of fiber, and can help reduce acid reflux. 
  • Coconut water is the ultimate hydration hack. It’s more powerful than any sports drink or energy drinks. “Coconut water serves as an excellent replacement medium with 294 mg of potassium and 5 mg of natural sugar per glass, unlike your favorite sports drink that only contains half of the potassium content and five times the amount of processed sugar.”
  • It can also help reduce high blood pressure. 

Red and Yellow Smoothie

Red and Yellow Smoothie

Red & Yellow Smoothie 


  • 1 Cup Frozen Pineapple
  • 1 Cup Fresh Raspberries
  • 1 14oz Container of Pineapple Coconut Water
  • 1/2 Cup Frozen Peaches
  • 1/2 Cup Frozen Strawberries
  • Splash of Orange Juice
  • 3/4 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder

Step 1: 

Put the pineapple, raspberries, peaches, strawberries, juice and water in the blender. Blend on lowest speed for one minute.

Step 2: 

Turn the blender to high, and add the protein powder. Blend for at least two minutes. Pour into cups and enjoy.

Red and Yellow Smoothie

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