TYL: Throwback Thursday Recipe

Today we’re going back to the beginning,the beginning of our blog that is. And every Thursday we’re going to try and post a “throwback” recipe.

The throwback recipe could be from our archives or an old recipe from the 70’s like this one, Round Steak ‘N Ravioli, that Buzzfeed found from an old cookbook.


Doesn’t that look yummy? Pearl onions, zucchinis, canned raviolis, and tomato sauce.

One thing Marlee inherited from her Grandma was a ton of old cookbooks and while we were in Canada collecting them, one of her family members came up with the idea of making all those old, weird, recipes from these cookbooks for a recipe inspired Throwback Thursday.

But we’re saving those lovely recipes for the the New Year, and right now we’re going to bring you one of the first recipes that we posted here on Two Young Ladies, our delicious and satisfying, Chicken Curry Salad.


Doesn’t she look beautiful? This delicious salad is chock full of, two different kinds of apples, raisins, onions, celery, curry powder, and white wine!

If you like Gelson’s or Whole Foods Famous Chicken Curry Salad, you’ll love this recipe.

So click the link right here, for this recipe and more. Remember, if you like us or recipes, hit the subscribe button and follow us!


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