Munchie Mondays: Sweet and Salty


It’s Monday! And you know what happens on Mondays? You get a case of the Mondays! And the best way to deal with a case of the Mondays? Munchies! Munchies are the perfect cure for anything, but especially the Monday Blues.

And the perfect munchie (in our opinion) is the perfect balance of sweet and salty. And the best sweet and salty treat is,  Raisinets and Goldfish. Say whaaat? Trust us, this is the perfect afternoon munchie or after dinner snack.

We also like to refer to this dish as a “fruit and cheese” platter. You can guess why. We know it sounds strange, but trust us, this is the most excellent salty and sweet munchie.

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We realized after posting this, we didn’t post a “recipe” but it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. A handful (1 cup or so) of Goldfish to a half cup of Raisinets.

If you’re feeding more, bump up the Gold Fish to 2 cups and the Raisinets to about a cup. Obviously, eat this dish in moderation. Unless your sad, or happy, or really, just eat it.

Sweet and Salty

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